extra virgin olive oil Tuscany Own production

We have about 600 olive trees of different varieties: Pendolino, Leccino, Moraiolo

Olive tree PENDOLINO
This variety is unmistakable for a graceful carriage and the narrow leaves. The olives are small but production is very plentiful.

Olive tree LECCINO
In this variety the plant is very pleasant and can reach large sizes. Its branches are drooping and resemble those of a weeping-willow. These olives are big, they ripen early and the production is very plentiful.
Durante i mesi invernali, è capace di sopportare temperature abbastanza basse.

Olive tree MORAIOLO
This olive variety is renowned because it provides a very high quality oil in our country. The fruits are spherical, black with purple shades. This olive goes very far and the production is very plentiful.

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